About Us

Our goal is to assist small businesses with organizational effectiveness through human capital management.  We strive to help businesses develop and maintain an effective workforce. We will work to improve productivity, company culture, and employee relations. 

We are a human resources management firm that assists businesses and organizations with meeting their human resources, regulatory compliance and legal needs.  With our assistance, your business will have its own HR department, along with its own in-house counsel for legal representation and assistance with regulatory compliance.

We have over seven years of experience in public and private sector regulatory compliance, and over five years of experience in human resources, employment law, and immigration law.

We understand that each client is unique. Therefore, we deliver custom solutions, tailored to you - your industry, your culture, and your one-of-a-kind challenges. We offer hourly, daily, and contractual services.  

You can learn more about our services through the following links:

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