• Employment and Non-Compete Agreements

  • FMLA Administration

  • Handbook Development

  • ​Payroll Administration

  • Performance Management

  • Policies and Procedures Development

Our goal is to assist small businesses with organizational effectiveness through human capital management.  We strive to help businesses develop and maintain an effective workforce. We will work to improve productivity, company culture, and employee relations. 

Employee Relations

  • ADA Administration

  • Benefits Management

  • EEO Investigations 

  • EEO Representation 

  • Employee Relations

  • Employment Law Compliance

Most small businesses have limited and strictly allocated resources.  As a result, they rarely have a fully functioning human resources department.  Rather, they have a part-time human resources employee, or an employee who happens to handle HR duties.  Most times, these quasi HR employees lack the training and knowledge needed to effectively handle every day tasks such as employee relations, performance management, EEO and workplace violence investigations, etc.  These quasi HR employees also lack the knowledge and experience needed to draft or implement company policies, procedures, and industry Best Practices.

We offer a wide range of services designed to help your business reach its employee relations potential.  Whether you are looking for a small tweak or a complete overhaul, we have you covered.  

Our services are available à la càrte so that you can get precisely what you and your business needs.  Our services are also available on a six to twelve month contractual basis to optimize the efficiency of your human capital.  We offer the following services:

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